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by Eamon Watters

This world is populated solely by Outcasts, a shy and secretive race that communicate by light emission. After the collapse it found itself undefended, as the Outcast Empire was very centralised, and no forces were based there on a permanent basis. It was the rule of a tribal oligarchy, whose only response to the collapse of civilisation was to crack down on the populace even harder, a traditional Outcast response.

After a devastating Vampire attack, the government was overthrown, and the 'Council of Order', a Civil Service Bureaucracy installed. They started a programme to provide planetary defences for the world, and by 1163 had built hundred of missile batteries on the world. Diplomatic approaches from Strom were ignored, and it seemed that Kervid would remain isolated from the Interstellar community. Two things changed that. Hiver advanced missions in 1185 made contact with the world, and were accepted. The most accepted reason for this is the similarities between themselves and the Hivers, both being races which communicate non-verbally. The other event was the Hiver revelation that the Outcast homeworld was rebuilding, with an eye to regaining it's empire. The decidedly non-traditional bureaucracy were horrified at the prospect of being subsumed in the traditions they had fought off so successfully, and assented to joining the Pact.

Nowadays some interesting trade items can be had on Kervid, including some very advanced opto-electronic devices. The Hiver built a Support Base here, less for supporting Convoys, and more for Naval sweeps into former Outcast space. Of Pact politics, Kervid is one of the 'non-aligned' worlds. It has a strong antipathy to the Leenitakot Droyne, the 'Killers of their kin', but seem content to throw the occasional diplomatic insult at them. Any ships approaching Kervid are advised to stick precisely to the approach pattern given them. The planet is nicknamed the 'porcupine' planet, in honour of the myriad missile batteries that adorn it. They are not loath to use them.

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