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by Eamon Watters

This high-population world fell into anarchy once the rule of it's mother world Vanguardia collapsed in 1132. Equipment ran amok, dashing millions to death, competing demagogues rallied supporters and allies, and in the resulting conflagration more millions perished. The world of Strom stepped into this maelstrom in 1136, taking command of the close airspace, striking at lead elements of all the major factions and commanding that the conflict be stopped, and some order restored.

By 1137 a working bureaucracy was in place, running the world satisfactorily, with the former faction leaders installed as the Princes of their administrative districts. The government watched the rise of Strom with some unease, as it harboured a wish to one day reach the stars on its own, and control it's destiny. The government started a campaign to get access to the treasures of Dodo in 1152, but was rebuffed by Strom. This caused no end of grief, as the populace considered Strom to be ungrateful for the help it had received from it's technicians and scientists that set her on her technical rise. Strom's opinion was that that aid was the least that could be expected for her role in stabilising the world.

In 1156 matters were brought to a head by a revolt led by some of the more reactionary princes, which was held back by the efforts of Merlon Detran, Prince of Gernadia. In the tumultuous years that followed, Deltran accepted a figurehead role as World Monarch, and accepted the remaining loyal Princes into his Royal Family. With stability assured, the government set out to out-tech Strom, but set upon it in a heavy handed way, setting unrealistic targets for projects, and punishing workers who could not meet targets. By 1191 it could be considered a TL-A world, and trade to it rose enormously. However it was also increasingly oppressive, with passes and authorisations needed for almost all everyday needs.With the death of Monarch Merlon I in 1195, and the ascension of his daughter Celsia, attempts have been made to influence the hierarchy, but to little effect.

Most of the Pact fear trouble in the next few years, but there seems to be little that can be done about it. Strom has started some co-operative programmes, like the programme to construct jump drives, and aid in supporting Leroy's new Scout Base, but nothing seems to be working.

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