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by Eamon Watters

This world weathered the collapse well, and was a minor port of call for free traders in the subsector. When it was contacted by Strom in 1137, it was offered and accepted aid programs to help it's recovery. In 1143 it offered to become a Protectorate of Strom's in exchange for Home Rule. This was accepted, and Slider has become rich through the increased trade that has resulted. The planet is still run by the Slider Port Authority, but with increasing local input. The local traders have a reputation as the canniest in local space. Slider is also the location of the Pact Headquarters. Located in a massive geodesic dome carved out of a mountain overlooking the port, it is considered a wonder by the peoples of the pact, but the locals just refer to it as 'The Chrome Dome'. The exact reason for this appellation is unknown, as the dome has little metal fittings on the exterior.
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