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by Eamon Watters

A near desert world, abundant in rare minerals and petrochemicals, it was well defended through the collapse as it managed to keep the Virus out of its main systems, including it's Naval Base. It used it's resources to defend the cluster of worlds around it, and helped stabilise events on it's neighbour system of Leroy, which had descended into anarchy when the Colonial Rule from Vanguardia collapsed.

The ruling elite soon realised that the technology that they could so freely obtain in the pre-virus years could not be maintained for long with their pre-stellar technology. They set in motion several programs. First was a technology exchange program with Leroy, which in concert with a social program at home to promote the sciences aised it's tech level to 9 by 1142. The third program involved attempts at recovering higher technology from the previously more advanced worlds in the subsector.

One consequence of this was that worlds where recovery of items was possible were claimed by Strom. This put them at odds with Leroy, which had a very anti-colonial attitude. Items recovered from the dead world of Elan raised Strom's tech level to A in 1161, but the dearth of any moderately populated former tech B worlds held them back. Basic research, and information and technology recovered from Brand allowed the world to progress to TL-B in 1189, a year prior to the foundation of the Ring Pact.

The foundation of the pact, with the rise in importance of diplomacy and trade, allied with the primacy of academia led to the re-organisation of the government as a representative democracy in 1192. She hopes to be the first Pact world to manufacture a Jump-capable ship, and has a joint programme underway with Leroy on this matter. She sees the attainment of higher technical achievement as vital to the future, as she is not the most populous world in the Pact by any means.

There is a Hiver Technical Academy on this world. The current leader is Premier Valdan Kermski, the tough talking leader of the Concert party. His aims are to achieve greater gains for the pact through joint actions. He is opposed by the Destiny Alliance, which believes that actions, as long as they are not inimical to their neighbours, should be taken for Strom's purposes alone. Jenna Stromsweld is soft-spoken leader of this party. Analysts think that Strom will be able to achieve a TL of C in the next few years.

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