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by Eamon Watters

This Droyne world is the busiest Hiver Staging area in the pact. Formerly a colony of Elan, it changed little socially after the collapse, though the Hierarchy began attempts at raising the technological level of the world, with some success.Contact with Strom was handled cautiously at first, as Humans were regarded as children seeking conquests, but the good natured way in which negotiations were made led to a trade treaty being signed in 1141. Trade is brisk, but the most valued export is Droyne Technical Oyntrips. These brotherhoods, with their psionic powers and almost magical knowledge of Jump Drives are in demand throughout the subsector. There is also a demand for Psionic training, which the Hierarchy makes a lot of money out of. Politically stable, Yoryunssoy makes common cause with the smaller worlds of the Pact, siding with the 'mercenary' world of Gammist and their fellow Droyne on Leenitakot. When the insular Outcasts of Kervid are amenable, they also ally with them.
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