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by Eamon Watters

The only fly in the ointment is Phoenix, formerly known as Vanguardia. Pre-collapse it was, by Hinterworlds standards, a large colonial power. It's colonies of Strnad, Prospect, Edward's Meet, and Leroy (In SubSecN) were well managed, with liberal government. With the coming of the Virus, Vanguardia fell into chaos, and it's recovery was stunted as the planet fractured along ethnic lines. In the recent past the Dictator of the Macunan Federation has all but triumphed against his opponents, and a ceasefire is in place over most of the planet. In order to keep up the dynamism of his rule the Dictator, Seen Lernon, has built up the space forces under his control. He is seeking to conquer Mello, which was formerly a colony known as Prospect. The Nearby trading world of Selding is trying to prevent this, principally through diplomacy. However, the Macunan's technical expertise is increasing, as they have access to the 3000 year old Grand Library of thier defeated neighbor of Dunlin. Now Lernon is less reliant on the relics traded by the Selding traders, and hopes to have a good percentage of relic machinery in operation soon.

The Macunan Federation's Forces consist of the following:

4 million personnel.

The Equipment of the Forces is:

The Space Exploration Force is equipped to a much higher tech level than one might assume. It's former space tech rating was C, maintained in part by imported equipment. This was the minimum deemed feasible for maintaining it's Colonies.

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