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by Lewis Roberts

Elements of the Solomani 99th Fleet out of Aldebaran Sector were moved to Glassend (3102) in late 1120 to prevent raids from Imperial space. The expected raids never materialized, and the fleet spent the war in relative comfort and safety.

This safety ended when Virus arrived. After the fleet was infected, the now Vampire fleet, spent 12 days bombarding the surface of the planet. This exterminated the entire biosphere, and left most of the land a glassy rubble.

After their the glorious victory the Vampires began to fight amongst themselves. Some of the ships still fancied themselves Solomani, the rest wanted to be independent of the humans. The fact that these self proclaimed Solomani, had just exterminated an entire planet of humans, didn't enter into the discussion. These Vampires were quite unstable.

The fight lasted for several weeks, at the end, many of the ships had been heavily damaged. Those with still functioning jump engines formed an alliance, and left the system in search of Imperial planets to destroy. Those with destroyed jump engines, or those battle riders and fighters whose tenders had been destroyed stayed behind. Today many of these are still functioning. They wait, for any incoming ship which they destroy. Most of the Vampires sleep a great deal of the time, ie they power down and just use minimal power. This lowers their equipment failure rate, and has allowed them to survive to this day.

There are two hundred thousand ton battle riders, three cruisers, five escorts under ten thousand tons and 46 fighters and small craft. All in all, they make for a very effective roadblock on the Alba Main.

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