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by Lewis Roberts

Arwen (3105) should have died in the Collapse, but with plenty of sacrifice and hard work by its citizens, not to mention the assistance of its sister worlds in the Protectorate of Alba, it managed to survive.

Arwen is a battered lifeless moon, orbiting a world, much like Venus, where the greenhouse effect has raised the temperature to over 800 degrees Celcius, and acid rains down on the surface.

The citizens of Arwen live in cities of connected pressurized buildings along the rims of craters. Several of these cities failed during the collapse, not because of the Virus, but due to lack of critical parts. The rest of the cities were kept alive by spare parts scavenged from the rest of the Protectorate.

Life is very harsh in the craters, anything which could possibly endanger the public, is outlawed, and harshly punished with long sentences to hard labor.

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