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by Eamon Watters

Alexandria (1216) was used to train Confederation Marines in all aspects of Ground Combat. The Naval Base supported this, and was more like a commercial starport in some respects, dealing with the off loading of Cargo and Troops.

During the Second Rim War it gained an additional role. It supported the 'Ghost Fleet', a collection of heavily up-gunned Imperial Merchant Vessels. These would join self protection convoys in imperial space, identify the best targets, and capture them, destroying those ships not worth bothering about.

The planet's computer suicided in the collapse, and the Naval Base was reactivated in 1156 to support recovery operations into the Coreward half of the Subsector, and to patrol the Zanzumah - Karden spur of the Main. The planet has provided Beltan with top rate ground weaponry, from Grav Tanks to Powered Armour. The Planetary Governor allowed the covert operation of Beltanian Merchant vessels into the Coreward and Antispinward reaches of the Sector during the lean years when the Empire restricted trade to within it's boundaries. Now it is a major hub for the relic trade. Most of the population either works in the Naval Base or on recovery missions on the planet.

Fleet assets at Alexandria include the Q-Ship Covert Seeker , two Crusader Class Destroyers, and five patrol cruisers. The remnants of the Q-ships also stationed there include a Bulk Freighter, two Frontier Traders, and four Phantom Class Far Traders. A sizeable Ramrod SDB squadron also defends the system.

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