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UPP: E24673D-7

by Eamon Watters

This world has been in Beltan's sphere of influence since the late 50's. Navy vessels patrolled the system to secure the Empire's spinward flank. The Empire had neither the resources or inclination to bring the world into the Empire during it's expansion in the last quarter of the 1100's, besides - it was outside the 2 parsec radius from Beltan that the Empire's Dictator had mandated as it's limits. Livonia recieves little trade from Beltan's Merchants, Werlt and Arcadia provide the Empire with agricultural products. In 1201, the new ruler of the Empire signed a treaty with the leader of Livonia's oligarchy. Livonia was free to rule itself, save that the Empire provided protection, and direction in foreign policy. A monitoring station has been set up on the innermost of Livonia's moons, and the Empire is building a military base there, which should be complete by 1203. With it's completion trade should increase through the system, as recovery missions to spinward stage through the base. What percentage of trade the Livonians see may be limited.

The world itself saw little damage in the Collapse, and it's starport was left to decay as the Ranchers who ruled the planet launched a crackdown to control the apocalyptic cults that threatened to bring anarchy to the world. Unfortunately this was done without subtlety or compassion. Nowadays the disorder on the planet is minimal, but there are occasional terrorist acts. the rule of law is still harsh, and Empire citizens are advised to be cautious on the planet. There are rumors of a resistance group operating in the wild regions in the centre of the world's only continent.

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