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UPP: C585832-B

by Nicolas Lejeune

Orbdir was a wealthy system. They had quite all they need. Trading traffic never had been very high because almost all goods could be found on Orbdir. Many ship refueled in the gas giants but didn't stop on Orbdir. So when virus struck, Orbdir already had heard of the threat. The most dangerous part of the planets were secured.

Orbdir has a very fiendly environment (MSP=9), so the population could easily avoid most of casualities. The recovery of the cities and most of the facilities was a question of few years. Now Orbdir has regained all the facilities, but most of the high tech couldn't be repaired from the Virus damage. The virus strains which struck Orbdir were the most primitive and easiest to detect. The damage was more structural than human caualities. Due to the friendliness of the country side the population continued to grow on the same rate as before the collapse. There was no starvation or plague. So to conclude, the collapse effect was more a disagreement than a real crash. Even the economic web didn't suffer a lot, because the planet was used to live in near autarkish economy. Some entire sectors disapear but the collapse created new needs that could be easily fulfilled by new companies. This was more a temporary crisis (slow down) than a total bankrupt(breakdown) as on many worlds.

This point is quite optimistic, so it doesn't explain the self oriented policy. But here are the exploration years.

30 years ago, the old government of Orbdir tried to visit some surrounding worlds. They went to Thassor, Deloma and Giledian and found cemetery worlds. The away teams found a monstrous boneyard on Thassor, billions of dead bodies remained in the cities. All emergency doors were simply open. This scene was very different from all the low populations worlds like Giledian, Deloma or Sevror. As their world remained quite untouched, they've seen the ultimate horror of the collapse.

The collapse didn't strike them as other worlds, the population understood this as a warning. Vampire fleets where in the surroundings. Orbdir technicians understood that jump capable vampire fleets were very rare. The most dangerous threat is to go toward Virus. If they stayed in their systems, they should avoid most of the dangers.

The government stayed a CSB until the exploration ship came back. At this time the government didn't know what to do. They had survived quite well but the CSB would like to continue exploration while the population would prefer to stay in their secured homes. There was a massive redesign of the bureaucray. A new constitution was issued as some form of democracy.

The newly elected government decided to stay on Orbdir. But 10 years ago, this government decided to start trading with Valinii. This world was consided secure by diplomats and technicians. This is because this world is very near Orbdir, and it hadn't been struck \ alot by the Collapse. Viruses were wiped up on this world too.

This traffic in supported by the ships of Orbdir. In fact the only traffic allowed is to and from Valinii. The same decision was issued on Valinii. This is to give more accurate protection aginst outsiders. Despite of the Valinii organisation, the Orbdir Government doesn't own all the jump capable ships, so there are some private traffic with others systems. But free Traders cannot by or sell goods on Orbdir. So the Network rapidely left this World. Time to time some Traders try to get some business, but starport authorities are quite uncorruptible on this point.

Orbdir have a quite well maintained Navy which is able to fight most of the incoming vessels. They always feared a hugh Vampire fleet but as the time passes, the risk reduces (Orbdir point of view!).

RC or other PE absorbtion
Orbdir is not frightened of RC-like absorbtion. In fact the Free trader Network has bought some information on the Dawn League and the Hivers help. Orbdir is prepared to receive a cohort of Hivers. They would surely be surprised to see RC ships. In fact, they would expect to be part of a bigger federation, even if there are more constraints. Bigger means more security from Viruses and other factions. Although Totalitarian government and extreme law would be unbearable by the population. War, guerillas or resistance-like terrorism would be the result of a forced change toward such rules.

Orbdir Government Values:

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