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UPP: D356788-8

by Nicolas Lejeune

Valinii is a hospitable world. But it was hit harder by the Collapse than its neighbor Orbdir. The population was reduced by a factor of eight. The eradication of the Virus has taken several decades, but there aren't any significant Viruses left on the planet.

The Valinii Governement is very directive. Immediatly on the first effects on the collapse (Grav Starport crash) a military group repaced what they felt was a government who talked too much. So vital directives had been taken on this moment preventing more deads. People were forced out of their cities and went into the country side. Much of the population was forced to fight against Virus effects. Many died in those combats in the cities, but the result is that the population level is under the MSP and most of the average technological facilities were saved or rebuilt. The MSP was even overcome (shortely) because of the recent compressed buble cities. This protected environement accessible by more than 60% of the population in 1201 provides good living quality.

Without the governement efficiency, we can assume that the population would be at around 40 million of living being. so a reduction by a factor of 20 and a TL around 4.

Valinii don't really have jump capable ships, there are several relics which are not used for jumps because of fear of loss. All Valinii ships are used for insystem patrol. They are all owned and crewed by the government. Their orbital starport had crash on the countryside of main town but the downport is still operated for patrol ships. The trade traffic has recently increased; only traffic from Orbdir is allowed. This in insured by a treaty between the two worlds. They recently started to build some spacecafts to repace the old relic hulk (or to save their few Jump Drives)

Before the Orbdir treaty, Valinii was doing a little trading with the Free Trader Network. After the commercial realation with Orbdir, the prices of cargo decreased rapidly (Orbdir has several 10.000DT freighters, which are more cost efficient than the 200DT free trader ships.

Orbdir Government Values:

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