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by Idiot/Savant


Umkarguu is an ethinicly Vilani world, originally settled during the Ziru Sirka. A coup during the Solomani Rim War replaced the (ethnically Solomani) governing class with a pro-Imperial popular dictatorship, which was in turn overthrown during the Second Rim War. However, the military government imposed by the Solomani effectively dissolved in the Collapse. In the chaos that followed, the population turned to religion in search of a reason or purpose for the destruction. The traditional religious groupings, adapted to a placid society, were quickly replaced by new and more aggressive groups - many of which were techno- or xenophobic.

Seventy years on, religion is still the dominant force in Umkargaan society. Most states are out and out theocracies, and political parties tend to be organised on religious lines in the remainder. Many nations legislate a state religion, while others are forced to enact strict laws in order to keep the lid on religious conflict. Intolerance and persecution of religious minorities is rife.


The population is entirely human, and speak several distant derivitives of Vilani, thus local interpreters will likely be required. Global population has actually increased since the collapse, with most of the growth occuring in Umkakuur.


Umkarguu's sustainable tech-level is 5, with limited TL-6 equipment available in the larger and more advanced nations (Shasugku, Khari and Amkakhur). There is no relic technology in use on the planet, though the Guild has recently begun selling higher-tech military hardware to various nations. All nations maintain large military and internal security forces.

Nation Pop (millions) GvtCor Tal Crl Ag P/X
1. Shasugku 130 9-MA L H M H H
2. Kasiguurdi 100 B-SPO M L L M M
3. Khari 90 3-RD H H M L M
4. Umkakuur 155 9-MA M L M L H
5. Gishshi 34 B-SPO M L M L H
6. Amkakhur 29 7-MD H M L L H
7. Laligbaar 25 9-MA H H L H L
8. Miseki 22 5-CO L L L L L
9. Uukuga 18 7-MD H H H L H
10. Amishkaani 15 8-TO H M L H M
11. Inarkuuk 27 9-MA M H H H H

The world's major continent is shared by both Shasugku and Umkakuur, who are currently engaged in a religious war which has also embroiled most of their smaller neighbours. Another continent holds Kasiguurdi, whose allies Gishshi and Laligbaar share a third with Khari. Amkakhur is a relatively isolated archapeligo.

Adventure Ideas

  • Gather intelligence on Guild activities on Umkarguu
  • Word has reached the RC that Shasugku is working on an atomic weapons programme. Given their current war with Umkakuur, it is almost certain that such weapons, if they were to be developed, would be used. Infiltrate the weapons programme and identify the key researchers involved.

    Hot recovery

  • Kidnap the key researchers involved in the Shasugkuuan atomic programme.
  • A Guild ship has crashed in Umkakuur while making a weapons delivery. Investigate the crash, and capture any survivors for interrogation.


  • Accompany an RC representative to Miseki (currently at war with Amishkaani) and aassist her in negotiating a trade and technical assistance treaty (conditional on ceasing involvement in the Shasugkuuan-Umkakuuran war)
  • Khari, Laligbaar and Gishshi currently exist in an uneasy state of peace which threatens to descend into war at any moment. Such a war would activate defence treaties and thus involve Kasiguurdi and Amkakhur as well. Accompany an RC negotiation team and assist them in brokering a stable(r) peace or a disarmament treaty between the parties involved.


  • Assist an RC technological assistance team in Miseki

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