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by Idiot/Savant
Etienne is a large world with a thin (0.65 Atm) atmosphere and roughly 70% water coverage. It's proximity to the system primary results in a hot (~50 C) climate, with seasonal effects caused by the world's extreme orbital eccentricity (0.2) rather than its minimal axial tilt. The local day and year are both "short", at 11.85 std hours and 43.27 std days respectively. The atmospheric "taint" is a low partial pressure of oxygen, requiring either compressor masks or a long period of acclimatization.

Etienne was only settled relatively recently; thus it's pre-Collapse population numbered only 2000, centered around Etienne Down starport near the world's north pole. The inhabitants - consisting of starport staff, independent prospectors, and xenological researchers, as well as a few "real" settlers - governed themselves by means of a small directly elected "town council" which enacted strict laws in order to protect Etienne's native ecosystem.

The world was little affected by either the second Rim War or the Hard Times that followed it; however, during the Collapse it was literally inundated with refugees from neighbouring Wulfe - nearly three hundred thousand people in all. This overwhelmed the planetary infrastructure, leading to famine and the total breakdown of law and order. The problem was compounded when a passing Vampire ship bombarded the starport and the adjacent settlement, causing massive casualties and contaminating most of the agricultural land with fallout.

Seventy years on, the population of Etienne is almost able to feed itself, though only by constant struggle. Due to the biological differences between native and imported ecosystems, dietry deficiencies are rife and life expectancy is thus low. The high-minded ideals of the original colonists have been thrust aside in favour of ruthless exploitation of whatever resources are necessary for survival.

Etienne is currently governed by a religious group which preaches that man sinned by leaving his appointed place in the universe (Terra) and that the Collapse was god's punishment for humaniti's violation of the Natural Order. The church is extremely xenophobic and technophobic; its rise to power was due mainly to its superior ability to organise and a wide streak of ruthlessness.

Etienne Government Values:

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