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by Idiot/Savant

HISTORY: Before the Collapse Menaf was an agricultural colony of Faro, whose control was maintained by Menaf's lack of industrial development and consequent dependence on imported manufactured goods. Despite this economic subjugation, Faronian rule was fairly relaxed; taxes were low, there was no military garrison, and an elected council advised the planetary governor. The locals were quite happy with this arrangement, and enjoyed significantly greater freedom than the average citizen of their dominator. The Second Rim War bought little change, Faro (and thus Menaf) being incorporated into the Solomani Confederation as a member state after an unexpectedly rapid surrender.

The arrival of Virus in 1131 led to the usual Wilds horror-stories; automated agricultural equipment ran amok, power, communications and transport nets failed, and the starport's small orbital facility was destroyed when the planetary defence computers launched Menaf's entire salvo of PDMs at it. However, rapid action by Governor Revell to protect the downport's vast food-warehouses helped to minimise starvation in the city, and the outlying farms were (as usual) able to feed themselves. Central authority was just beginning to be reestablished when the first refugee ships arrived from Faro. The influx of refugees led to further chaos, and this was heightened when Minister Hoenig (a high-ranking member of the Faronian government) arrived, relieved Revell, and declared himself Dictator. For ten days Menaf tottered on the edge of despotism before the ex-governor, outraged by Hoenig's treatment of the native Menafians and the behaviour of his personal retinue, staged a coup with the local police. Because of this, Revell is remembered as a hero, the date of her coup and (since her death) her birthday being celebrated with local holidays.

The time since the Collapse has been spent on slow rebuilding and increasing local manufacturing capabilities. Despite this, it still has very little industry; thus the listed TL of 8 refers to the highest TL equipment commonly in use and able to be repaired. In reality, there is a great deal of lower-tech equipment in regular use. Land transport is mostly by "Horse" (a native 800kg quadraped grazer) or bicycle, with only a few LHyd-powered vehicles in use. Power is supplied by wind farms supplemented by solar arrays, with many outlying farms posessing their own generators. There is no mass-production, almost everything, from spare engine parts to the farmer's automatic rifles, being handmade, Afghani-gunsmith-style. Electronic equipment is far more troublesome, but the locals are capable of manufacturing limited amounts of TL-6 gear (they can make transistors, but not chips).

What this cottage-industry style of technology translates to is a world which is self-sufficient in many (small) things, but incapable (either technologically or economically) of manufacturing the "big ticket" items which would make the lives of it's inhabitants easier... thus, the world is entirely dependent upon imports if it wishes to expand it's infrastructure by any significant degree. While the government has on occasions been able to arrange limited imports of equipment with passing Free Traders, these opportunities are few and far between. Because of this, Menaf is _desperate_ for trade, and will welcome any passing ship.


About a third of the population lives in Menaf Down (the only city), the rest being farmers or living in small settlements. Population increase since the collapse has led to greater colonisation of the outback, but the vast majority of the population is still clustered near the starport. Government is democratic, with the Governor and nine-member "advisory board" being directly elected by the populace.

Menafian society is tolerant (especially when compared to other Wilds worlds), values independence and individualism, and is not at all xenophobic. The people recognise that interstellar trade is necessary for Menaf's future, and are eager for it. Thus, the world is a perfect prospect for RC membership.

Menaf Government Values
Corruption Moderate
Talent Moderate
Cruelty Low
Aggression Low
Paranoia/Xenophobia Low

Adventure Ideas

Survey: Conduct a detailed study of Menaf's manufacturing base and economy, in order to locate key areas for technological and trading assistance.

Diplomacy: Assist a RC diplomat in negotiating with Menaf for its entry into the RC. Help a Menafian negotiator arrange a trade deal or long-term agreement with Graff.

The Guild and Menaf

Guild ships also call at Menaf Downport, and they have at least one agent in the city. Guild traders have attempted to sell Menaf items which will keep them dependent on outside imports in the future - for example, nuclear reactors (fuel rods would have to be imported, and waste exported), vehicles (the Guild mistakenly thought that Menaf would be forced to buy spare parts) and computers. At the referee's discretion, the one or two Guild ships which call regularly at Menaf may attempt to disrupt any arrangements which threaten their profits.

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