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by Idiot/Savant

Gethsemene is a habitable world, but a little hot, owing to its close orbit about its G1 V primary. Before the collapse it was home to a small religious group, the Brotherhood of Sentients, who believed that all intelligent species were equal and sacred and should be united in one giant interstellar community. The Brethren pursued an agrarian lifestyle, and were seperated into several small communes around the starport.

Gethsemene was untouched by the war, but its population plummeted during the Hard Times, the people fleeing to safer havens in the face of continued Reaver attacks. The starport fell into disuse as trade dried up, and the remaining inhabitants (a small group of hard-core believers) faced an increasingly dismal life as the tech level crashed. Their life was made worse when a pirate crew, their ship failing due to Virus infection, decided to make their home here. The Brotherhood member's attempts at passive resistance quickly ceased after the first few crucifictions, and the natives became virtual slaves to the newcomers.

Today, Gethsemene is it's own tiny despotism; the "Captain" and his bodyguard ruling by force and fear from the shutdown pirate vessel on which their ancestors arrived. Any resistance to their rule by the serfs is punished by death, the method of which varies depending on the Captain's whim. Traders are not welcomed, either by the Captain, who sees them as a possible threat to his rule, or by the serfs, who know that they can bring only trouble.

Government Values
Corruption High
Talent High
Cruelty Moderate
Aggression Moderate
Paranoia/Xenophobia Moderate

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