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by Idiot/Savant

Phoummathep is governed by a TED whose primary source of income comes from his aggressive piracy network. Based at Phoummathep's impressive B-class starport, these viscious corsairs make their living by raiding the slowly growing interstellar commerce in the subsector. Phoummathep serves as a foil to Orichalc, whose grand dream of a "Confederation of Regulus" is in danger of becoming bankrupt due to difficulty establishing trade ties coreward of Phoummathep.

Phoummathep is, for the most part, an agrarian world, with agroproducts that were originally synthesized on the planet prior to the Long Night. The native plantlife of the world was inedible by humans, but the land is quite arable and quickly fostered a large agricultural community.

Phoummathep is governed by Reaver-King; Feudal social structure: "nobility" of Reaver captains, with their crews and retainers beneath them. Most of the rest of the population are effectively serfs, or worse, slaves.

The Reavers prey off surrounding low-tech worlds - Hale, Cortez, Estrella, as well as any shipping they can find. Reaver vessels relics, or [TL-9 J-1 Reaver - missiles, PD lasers, PAW + lots of troops]. There is a small amount of trade with Brigand, Keats, Perdu, mainly slaves for technological goods. The raids on other planets are geared at capturing relics and slaves for booty. Guild ships rarely land on Phoummathep, but when they do they are welcomed. The Reavers have cut deal with each Guild captain as an individual, rather than the Guild as a whole. Trade originated on Orichalc is often the target of raids from Phoummathep. Cameo pays an annual tribute of goods and slaves.

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