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by Derek Stanley

Though the entire population of Aries perished during the collapse, the system has recently been resettled for intensive salvage operations. Most of the new colonists are the descendants of refugees that had fled to HREF="opal8603.html">Stonehaven some eighty years before. Prior to the Collapse, Aries was only one of a series of Imperial Naval facilities protecting the Imperial side of Reaver's Deep.

The Facility is really little more than a hollowed out asteroid in orbit of the system's largest gas giant, a brooding red orb known as Cerabus. Originally more than 20,000 naval personnel and support staff inhabited this massive fortress. Presently Aries is being salvaged by a mere 857 Stonehaven Technological Recovery Service Technicians (STRST). Currently less than twenty per-cent of the facility has been surveyed and there are high hopes that the remainder will be opened up soon. Unfortunately there is the very real problem of Virus controlled robots in the unexplored regions of the base. Recently the Confederation has issued a number of limited access permits to freelancer's hoping to strike it rich in the remains of the facility.

On 09/VI/1200 a large portion of the starport facilities were dedicated to the freshly equipped, Confederation Scout Base, Sunfire. Future exploration missions into Reaver's Deep are to be launched from the Facility.

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