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by Derek Stanley

By far the lowest tech world of the Confederation of Nightrim, Ghost appears to have escaped the ravages of the collapse relatively unscathed. Ghost is the homeworld to a pallid skinned, far-sighted, human sub-species known as the Ayansh'i, or "Children of the Mountains." Prior to the collapse Ghost was a popular vacation world with well placed nobles of the Daibei Sector as well as the production site of some of the Imperium's most prized artistic works. With craftsmen and women producing unique works of art specifically tailored for the purchaser.

Though the inhabitants of Ghost, Eral'aka as they call it, are valued members of the Confederation there is considerable resentment amongst the populations of the higher tech worlds, Stonehaven in particular, at the inclusion of the world into the Confederation in the first place. Adding to this tension is an internal movement which feels that inclusion in the Confederation will lead to the erosion of the traditional way of life for the planet's inhabitants. This tension has been brought to a head in recent months with the shipment of numerous high tech parts and defense systems from Stonehaven.

Four years ago Ghost supplied a contingent of ten-thousand soldiers to be trained in the Stonehaven military system and in spite of the planet's generally pacifistic traditions they have proven to be remarkably adept at learning the intricacies of high tech combat.

In 257-1198, according to the terms of its treaty with Stonehaven, Ghost released a portion of it starport to Stonehaven's Military Services. This land was quickly upgraded to serve as a forward scout base allowing for expansion and explorations into Daibei. Thus far, Confederation Scout Base Spirit has launched more expeditions into the wilds than any of the other bases.

It is commonly believed by senior military officials on Stonehaven that there's far more happening on Ghost than anyone really suspects. It is also commonly believed that the inhabitants of Ghost, the Ayansh'i, are highly psionic.

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