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by Derek Stanley

Mull is a prime example of a world where the inhabitants refused to die. Though numerous individuals chose to wait out the collapse safely encased in low-berths and still more chose to flee to the relative safety of worlds closer to Wariner, a large portion of the population chose to remain behind and struggle through the dark times. When the AI virus infected Mull's central data net, several of the planet's domed cities were destroyed either through environmental systems shut-down or fusion reactor overload. Whatever the cause, fully eighty percent of the planet's population had died before the end of 1132. Those who survived faced the grim reality that rescue would probably never arrive and they were truly on their own.

Faced with this dilemma the survivors did the only thing possible, they destroyed everything that had been infected by virus and began jury-rigging whatever remained. As the decades passed and the equipment continued to fail the survivors began seeking out other settlements and either scavenging or trading with them for replacement parts and possible low-tech solutions to high-tech problems.

Regarded throughout the Confederation as the most stubborn and obstinate people in the galaxy, the people of Mull were instrumental in bringing about the foundation of the Confederation. When the delegates from Stonehaven and Aries were about to give up on Ghost's inclusion in the Confederation. Teressa Van Warrin, the senior negotiator from Mull locked the doors to the negotiation hall and refused to allow the other negotiators to leave their chairs until a compromise could be reached.

Over the past eighty years the composition of Mull's atmosphere has changed dramatically. Though atmospheric processing plants had been in operation for decades before the collapse it has been since the collapse that the most significant changes have occurred. Infected early with a rare strain of Virus, the processors continued functioning at peak efficiency for decades, in fact the Virus quickly determined a better way to purify the atmosphere and adjusted the processors output to allow for this new method. Two years ago the planets atmosphere was reclassified as 'dense-tainted" to reflect the changes brought about by these processing plants. It has been decided, for the time being, to simply let the processors go about the business of purifying the atmosphere. No one is entirely sure what will happen when the Virus completes its task.

Confederation construction crews are currently working overtime to get Mull's planetary defense net up and running. Though the people of Mull are normally rather stoic about such matters there has been increasing pressure on the local government to finish the net so that the planet may achieve some level of security.

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