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by Pete Grey

Starport: Class C
Diameter: 6477 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin, Tainted with industrial pollutants
Surface Water: 36%
Climate: Cold
Population: 72,823,000
Government: Balkanised (divided between 17 different states.)
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 9

Reims was colonised in 657, after the main ship of a colony fleet en route for Sabine subsector was forced to make an emergency landing. The ship was damaged beyond repair, and had been carrying most of the fleets industrial machinery and heavy construction equipment. Unable to salvage the ship, or secure new transport for its cargo, most of the colonists shuttled down to the surface and made Reims their home. Arguments over ownership of the downed ship eventually broke the colonial leadership into seperate factions. The original equipment has been replaced several times over, but the worlds industrial base is still concentrated around the main crash site, and is owned in common between all of the many states. Violence is anathema to the local populace, and weapons are banned. Nor does sovereignty guarantee sanctuary, for fugitives from one state will be arrested and automatatically extradited if they flee to another.

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