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by Pete Grey

Starport: Class B, Scout Way Station
Diameter: 4353 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin
Surface Water: 1%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 9,107,000
Government: Technocracy
Law Level: 6
Tech Level: 12

This world is home to the most important of the Regency's 13 scout way stations. The Gaza station was the main connection between the Domain of Deneb and the main part of the Third Imperium, responsible for all X-Boats in the trailing subsectors of Deneb. The Collapse has made its mundane role of critical importance. All couriers and X-Web carriers serving Quarantine District 3 and 4 are serviced at Gaza; these are the vessels responsible for carrying first warning of Vampire penetration. The safety and serviceability of the local courier fleet is paramount, and the Gaza base has the tightest security of any way station.

Gaza is a striking sight from space, for its surface is a gleaming white, which belies its hostility to life. The local population was mostly connected with the port in antebellum times, serving trade moving into Deneb from Corridor. In recent times the economy has shifted to support of RQS and RISS activities along the vital frontier interface, and the world sees heavy use by both of those services for ship maintenance, operational support and R and R.

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