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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Regency Naval Base
Diameter: 6115 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 77%
Climate: Cold
Population: 269,000 (88,000 Vargr)
Government: Represenative Democracy
Law Level: 7
Tech Level: 10

Kirklend was one of the few worlds to gain population by the Abandonment. A pleasant world noteworthy for its abundant game and fishing, many of its communities are self sufficient in terms of power and food, and were constructed either underground or in regions of natural fortification like dense forests or cliffsides. These barricades helped the world withstand heavy Vargr raiding during the Civil War period with negligible damage, and this strength attracted refugees from less habitable worlds like Ash and Spectre. The possibility of Vampire raids did compell the disparate communities to form a unified government in the wake of the Rape of Trin, though.

Kirklend was a resort world in the antebellum period. The local game and large tracts of undeveloped wilderness attracted hunters and sightseers from both the Domain of Deneb and the nearby Vargr Extents. Most of the population worked in the tourist industry, either in hotels hear the sumptious starport, or in hostels or outfitting firms that served the large "safari" trade. The Collapse brought major offworld immigration, in contrast to most other Frontier worlds, and the tourist industry has been supplanted with small manufacturing and service industries that cater to the growing population and the local Naval and RQS cadres. The local shipyard has become a major manufacturer of cheap jump-1 traders and spacecraft that are major export items to the Vargr Splinters and the Regency Safe.

Kirklend's communities are heavily fortified and fully self contained. All power, life support and infrastructure is provided and maintained locally. Most are constructed underground, and each has a committed force of paramilitary police organised to defend the community against Virus. These communities are connected only by air, either grav vehicles or slow moving zeppelins, and roads and railpaths are nonexistent on the world. The locals zealously patrol the outback for pirates and smugglers, and the local courts are severely punitive against interlopers or offworld miscreants.

The leader of the Assemblage of 1116, Arruna Kosghaele Zal, had been a frequent visitor to Kirklend before the Imperial Civil War, and personally forbade corsair raids against the world or its supporting shipping, thereby preserving the local economy. Zal's infatuation with the world culminated with its seizure by his forces in 1133, and its naval base was instrumental in his invasion of the Regency a year later. Zal and his family are buried on Kirklend, as Virus and political turmoil on his homeworld prevented the return of his remains. The dominant local Pack Goenghoedz is a branch of the Ngorsraek, specially committed to preserving Zal's memory in hopes of reclaiming his homeworld and the state that he had formed.

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