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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class D
Diameter: 5216 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard with heavy pollution
Surface Water: 49%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 954,000 (588,000 Vargr)
Government: Oligarchy
Law Level: 4
Tech Level: 5

Redi was the site of a major Ancient base prior to the Final War. It was destroyed by a powerful weapon that struck the world's northern hemisphere . The force of the blast caused most of the northern crust to literally peel off, leaving the world looking noticeably asymmetrical, with one hemisphere smaller than the other. Because of the obvious nature of the damage, the local Ancient site was publicly acknowledged by the Third Imperium. Most of the Ancient base was vaporised by the attack, but several secondary sites (read: garbage disposal areas) had been found by Imperial era archaeologists.

The devastation of the attack has left the world with little commercial or economic value. Nonetheless the world attracted attention. A group of Vilani traditionalists, desiring to leave modern society behind, colonised the world around 250, subsisting upon subsistence farming and fishing. Unscrupulous corporate interests on Pretoria and Urnas had taken advantage of the low local tech level, engaging in uncontrolled chemical dumping that polluted much of the local wilderness and water. Because of the perceived worthlessness of the Ancient site, the local government was named its caretaker by the IISS, relieving it of an unnecessary funding drain.

The low tech level was no match for Vargr invaders that took the world in 1121, and the Sourrirrakhs corsairs have ruled the world without major challenge from its rivals or the Regency government ever since. The Sourrirrakhs are oppurtunists that see Redi has a temporary staging ground for their eventual return to the Vargr Wilds. Most of the Vargr on the world are dependents of their ship crews and affiliated auxiliaries shielded by the protective blanket of the Regency. The Regency government considers the group parasitic and unproductive, and prefers that they move elsewhere. But the stated goal of the corsairs puts them in conflict with the RQS and other groups that seek to deter a renaissance of corsair power in the Wilds, and the Regency must satisfy itself with the status quo.

The local Ancient site had been cleaned out by the Scout Service during the antebellum period, and had been turned over to the local government in 1083. The Vargr rulers closed the site after the world was declared Fait Accompli, and brought in their own scientists to examine it for useful technology. RISS and the Regents Office have assured the subsector community of the harmlessness of the site; nevertheless it has been a sore issue with several neighboring planetary governments.

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