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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Regency Naval Base
Diameter: 5846 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense with Hydrogen Sulfide taint
Surface Water: 71%
Climate: Normal
Population: 66,400 Vargr (5,900 J'sia)
Government: Oligarchy
Law Level: 3
Tech Level: 10

Formerly known as Caladib. The world has a high amount of poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas in its atmosphere, the result of very active volcanism. The smell of rotten eggs was never very appealing to humans, and the world never attracted serious colonisation despite its pleasant climate. The extent of the Imperiums interest was the construction of a midsized naval base, which attracted a few hundred workers that served local concessions and entertained offduty naval personnel. The Aegzaeng corsairs seized portions of the world in 1120 for the Assemblage of 1116, and the Domain of Deneb was forced to evacuate the base. The corsairs could not exploit their conquest, and were content with building fortifications around the base and downport to prevent a Domain counterattack. The world was declared Fait Accompli in 1132, and the Aegzaeng set a course that was independent of other Vargr factions.

With little industry to sustain them, and mindful of the massive naval and RQS presence on their world, the corsairs have merged most of their fearsome ground and naval forces into the Regency military. These forces are officially "allied" units, and not officially sanctioned line units under High Command control. Nevertheless these forces earn income for their home community while serving on the Frontier, and the Aegzaeng have closer relations with the military than most former corsair bands or Pack groups. The J'sia colony was established by refugees in 1159 at the invitation of local leaders, and is an increasingly important part of the local economy.

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