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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class D
Diameter: 4724 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin
Surface Water: 76%
Climate: Warm
Population: 31,900 (24,000 Vargr)
Government: Miltary Junta
Law Level: 10
Tech Level: 2

Formerly known as Retion. The world was a marginal, if comfortable, agricultural world that attracted a variety of back-to-nature groups in years following the Third Frontier War. Industrial development was conspiciously avoided, and trade with both Imperial neighbors and nearby Vargr worlds was heavily encouraged. The warmth of relations with the latter lulled local leaders into a false sense of security, and the world had no defenses against Vargr corsairs that took the world in 1119. Scorched earth tactics used by several corsair groups to root out possible guerillas destroyed the world's economy, and thousands of locals fled for safer worlds in the Domain. The world was seized by line forces of the Assemblage of 1116 in 1128, and the world was ceded to them under the 1132 final adjustments. Gnaghdze is really just a large refugee camp, as most of its inhabitants are unfortunates that have straggled in from the former Vargr Extents, and who lack the money or connections to get them further into the Regency.

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