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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class E
Diameter: 5063 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin
Surface Water: 57%
Climate: Tropical
Population: 22.4 Million Vargr
Government: Balkanised (54 seperate states)
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 4

Aksofouta was one of two Vargr worlds annexed by the Regency in the early days of the Collapse to buttress the coreward border of Deneb against Virus. The world is mostly covered in hot desert, with most of the population located in coastal zones in cramped city-states. The outback is largely unclaimed by any faction, and RQS and MoI Ranger patrols maintain monitoring stations to prevent smugglers and corsairs from building bases here. The locals are quite insular, and most are devout followers of a heretical wing of the Church of Stellar Divinity, one that espouses a non-materialistic way of life. Advanced technology is shunned by believers, and few will deal directly with offworlders. Nonviolence is also espoused, and offworld visitors will be left largely to their own devices, to wander freely but unguided on this strange backwater world.

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