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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A
Diameter: 6130 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin
Surface Water: 95%
Climate: Very Cold
Population: 878.65 Million (33.2 Million Vargr)
Government: Balkanised (133 different "nations")
Law Level: 3
Tech Level: 11

Formerly known as Malkei. The world had been colonised in waves from Vland Sector, and its diverse population did not get along with each other. Most communities were crowded together in a small number of island chains, and connected by fleets of wandering fishermen and traders. Land shortages and resource conflicts boiled over into fueds between communities and families. The Vargr invasions of the Civil War period caused Lamas to relax its control over the world, and fragmentation was unavoidable. The Assemblage of 1116 seized the highport in 1127, and the world became a refuge for its surviving forces after the Battle of Ashes. The highport is under the exclusive control of the descendants of these raiders, and the Ngorsraek faction uses it to influence the warring nations on the world surface. By controlling trade and access to the world, many surface nations have become Vargr tributaries. Though this arrangement means having to tolerate the nationalistic Ngorsraek and their activities, the Regency prefers it to the simmering communal tensions that threaten to immerse the world in neverending civil war.

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