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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B
Diameter: 8938 Miles
Atmosphere: Fluidic O2-N2
Surface Water: None
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 3.5 Million Vargr
Government: Corporate
Law Level: 3
Tech Level: 9

Formerly known as Sisi. The superdense atmosphere of the world is a pressure cooker that reaches densities of 200 to 300 atmospheres in the lower canyons and gulfs. The world is owned by the Erarzong Corporation, a locally owned company that makes its money off of mining and industrial operations in the worlds depths. The entire population lives on the world's single moon, Roughzez, and never actually alights to the surface itself. Instead remotely operated probes and vehicles are parachuted from orbit into active exploration zones, and are operated by controllers on Roughzez or orbiting vessels. Collected mine and factory products are carried on conveyors to mass drivers or huge elevators for pickup by special shuttles.

Erarzong has a long history of friendly relations with the Third Imperium. The company feels fortunate that it was annexed into the Regency, and the world is highly accessible to Regency naval and quarantine personnel. The local population does not tolerate the presence of the Vargr Pack, and it is one of the few Frontier systems without a significant Pack presence.

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