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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X
Diameter: 9558 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin with heavy argon and neon taint
Surface Water: 95%
Climate: Cool
Population: 33.8 Million
Government: Balkanised (11 Vargr states and Haniiwa government)
Law Level: 2
Tech Level: 6 (Vargr), 4 (Haniiwa)

The homeworld of the Haniiwa minor race. The Haniiwa are a semi-aquatic species that lives in the surf zone of the world various coral islands and reefs. They resemble the Terran Assassin Bug, and they are descended from acquatic predators. The Haniiwa were originally open ocean hunters, before climate change and overhunting forced them to take up "aquaculture", domesticating and raising their favorite food species. Organised around loose pack structures, they formed a collective of communities under the control of a represenative-style authority. When first discovered in the 400s, the species had attained TL3, aided in part by their successful manufacture of metal implements. Their world was interdicted as per Imperial law, and were blissfully unaware of the greater universe.

Military units from the Assemblage of 1116 invaded the world in 1122, and a base was established to support further raiding operations against other neighboring Imperial worlds. The first contact between the Vargr and the Haniiwa went badly, and sporadic fighting erupted between the two groups. When the Regency declared the world Fait Accompli in 1132, it did so without a clear idea of the situation, and the announcement caused the Haniiwa to declare a total war against the Vargr. Regency troops had to intervene to prevent a massacre of Vargr refugees, and the two groups were disengaged with great difficulty. The Vargr Ngorsraek live in a fortified chain of islands in the cold northern polar region of the world, well away from the tropics loving Haniiwa. MoI and RISS patrols keep the two groups from bumping into each other, and protect both groups from the others aggressions.

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