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Syr Darya

by Pete Gray

Starport: Class E
Diameter: 5234 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin
Surface Water: 69%
Climate: Chilly
Population: 4.32 Million (1.26 Million Vargr)
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: 12
Tech Level: 5

Syr Darya is dominated by massive ranching stations. Most of the planetary surface is covered with wide open pastureland, seperated only by barbed or razor wire dividers to demarcate boundaries. Land barons are the real power on the world, and the bureaucratic government was established to prevent the erosion of their monopoly. Most of the population lives in small settlements, and people who don't work personally for the "latifundia" must survive on simple agriculture and fishing. The world's E class port is actually several smaller ports, all of which are located within the latifundia boundaries. The population is strongly resentful of their lot in life, but the world's inoppurtune location near the Wilds leaves no real alternative for political change.

The wreckage of the 1156 Vampire invasion is still quite evident. The southern continent is still littered with destroyed ships and vehicles, and is still posted as offlimits to civilians and unauthorised personnel. The gutted shell of the main command ship can still be seen from orbit, now perched precariously on several rock outcrops overlooking a deep valley.

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