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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class E
Diameter: 7379 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 76%
Climate: Warm
Population: 263,000 (242,000 Vargr)
Government: Oligarchy
Law Level: 4
Tech Level: 5

Formerly known as Ostov. Its close proximity to the Vargr Extents never permitted the intensive colonisation that it deserved. A colony was established in 887, but it had only grown to a population of a few hundred thousand by the eve of the Imperial Civil War. Vargr raiding forced the evacuation of most of the population, and in the wake of the Collapse Vargr refugees from the United Followers of Augurgh flooded into the largely abandoned settlements. The Vargr population has been severely victimised by both corsairs and Vampire Fleets, and are strongly supportive of the Regency. With the reopening of the Regency Frontier, represenatives from the world have appeared on Uramid and Antra to recruit interested human and Vargr colonists.

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