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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C, Regency Scout Base
Diameter: 3981 Miles
Atmosphere: None
Surface Water: 39%
Climate: Frozen
Government: Balkanised (10 corporate enclaves)
Law Level: 11
Tech Level: 7

Twinian is a massive chunk of nickel-iron, mixed in with a variety of other metals. Planetologists think that this eccentrically orbiting rock is actually a bizarre instance of accretion of Oort cloud material that occured early in the systems formation. The world is located about 120 AUs from its primary, in a retrogade orbit. The local "rock" is 55% pure metal ore, but is extremely heterogenous in composition. Mining is highly specialised, with different companies extracting different materials for different purposes. Hence one company may only be interested in nickel-iron, but may hire another company to extract any chromium ore it finds in its current mining area. The world is owned in common by all of the local companies, which are contractually obligated to fair play and equal access to mineral finds. Weapons are illegal, and mining personnel from one company may only enter another's territory with special permission.

Because of its value, the world could not be abandoned entirely, and the Regency beefed up the local scout base with additional units. Many ore frieghters making the run from Zinuun are specially armed with laser and missle barbettes, and local planetary "navy" is not wont to asking questions to intruding ships.

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