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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X (being upgraded to Class C)
Diameter: 5665 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 84%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 3412
Government: Represenative Democracy
Law Level: 1
Tech Level: 2 (but quickly increasing)

Nibel is one of three wildside terminuses established by the Regent and the Senate. All ships and cargos originating in the Wilds must stop at one of these three worlds for inspection, before proceeding into the Regency Frontier and then the Safe for processing or resale. Nibel itself is only lightly populated, and the population has strong ties with local RQS patrols. Most live nomadically in the outback, but have begun to reappear at the old starport site, hiring themselves as labor for the rebuilding project. Because of its sensitive nature, the world is heavily defended, and a battalion of Regency Marines are on site to protect the construction crews.

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