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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class E
Diameter: 8936 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense with ammonia taint
Surface Water: 99%
Climate: Chilly
Population: 50,100
Government: Technocracy
Law Level: 10
Tech Level: 7

Erita has always been a backwater, so to speak. The world has been sustained by undersea mining operations of various kinds, and harvesting of a massive swimmer known as the Gharder Serpent, whose meat and blubber offer up various substances useful in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The population is scattered in small villages that line the coastlines of whatever solid ground exists, though for most of the year these are abandoned while crews work the mining and fishing platforms.

The most common form of habitation are small houseboats, usually made of lightweight materials and propelled by sails or cheap fuel cells. Aside from a few permanent structures, most "buildings" in a local village are wharfs of these floating homes, which are unmoored during the main harvest and mining seasons (late spring to early fall) and wander the world-ocean in search of goods for sale and trade. In antebellum times the world had a more substantial permanent population, but most of these were evacuated during the Abandonment.

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