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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Regency Scout Base, Trade Terminus
Diameter: 5683 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin with high CO2 and CH4 levels
Surface Water: 58%
Climate: Cold
Population: 28.26 Million
Government: Balkanised (34 different nations)
Law Level: 12
Tech Level: 10

Cunha's population balkanised about 800 years ago for reasons that no one on the world can remember. Offworld historians think that the colonists seperated over issues of fair trade and taxation. All that is clear today are the bitter differences that continue to isolate the locals from one another. Cunha is not the most pleasant of worlds, and each nation had long ago turned inwards to concentrate on individual survival. Imperial sovereignty was universally acknowledged on the world, since the Imperial government was the only supernational institution worthy of recognition. The Imperial Civil War and the Collapse has weakened the local isolationism, but has done little to foster national unity. Each nation gets by on cottage and light industries that produce a number of well made articles, particularly textiles and metal implements, for offworld export. Trade has increased significantly since the Collapse, and will increase further with the designation of the world as a Safeside terminus. This increased economic competition has worsened local relations, as local tradewars have been sparked by contention over export dominance.

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