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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C
Diameter: 9003 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 62%
Climate: Very Hot to Frozen
Population: 411.34 Million (33.2 Million Vargr)
Government: Balkanised (Seperate Crenduthaar and Vargr "states")
Law Level: 10 (Vargr), 2 (Crendu)
Tech Level: 7 (Vargr), 0 (Crendu)

Ghatsokie is homeworld of the Crenduthaar minor race. The Crenduthaar are a mammalian-like centauroid species that evolved from predators native to the hotside of this tidally locked world, fearsome in appearance but actually quite pacifistic and gentle in demeanor. Most of the Crendu live in loose family structures that roam the hotside, gathering food and materials for survival.

The Vargr minority live in colonies scattered throughout the twilight zone of the planetary terminator. These were originally a religious group known as the "Followers of Auugh", but are now dominated by the descendants of refugees that fled here during the Collapse. The relations between the two groups are hostile, with the Vargr often enslaving Crendu to work at menial or backbreaking jobs in their communities. Crendu often retaliate through terrorist raids upon their communities, or by simply killing every Vargr they encounter. During the Civil War period, a group of offworld agents and Crenduthaar known as the Uvryuashgis would run the Vargr blockade to bring in supplies to aid Crendu resistance, and would often rescue and evacuate formerly enslaved Crendu back to the Domain of Deneb. The organisation has been terminated because of Quarantine considerations, but sympathetic sophonts in the RQS still check up on these gentle giants, and sometimes slips stuff "under the table" for their use.

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