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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X
Diameter: 5806 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 30%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 3.37 Million
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy (Dominated by the Republic of Lisarba)
Law Level: 8
Tech Level: 5

Before the Collapse, Gila (pronounced Hee-Lah) was a minor client state of the Third Imperium. Its remote location on the border with the Vargr, and hot, uninviting climate discouraged offworld investment and colonisation, and poverty caused balkanisation of the local population into different warring factions. The most powerful of these were the Union of Tanqueru, the Republic of Lisarba, and the Deltrine Sultanate. Tanqueru formed a close working relationship with Ling Standard that it hoped would allow it to dominate its rival powers. With generous support from the company, Tanqueru waged a campaign of gradually annexing its weaker neighbors through both military intimidation. The only deterrence to its ambitions were the nuclear arsenals of Deltrine and Lisarba, but Ling Standard's control of the starport hindered their resistance, as did internal bickering between the allies. Deltrine finally resorted to importing offworld mercenaries that aided it in constructing its own space capability (recounted in Challenge #71: Space Race) that aborted the companies monopoly on interstellar contact. With Ling Standard now neutralised, the balance of power frayed, and the various powers drifted towards a world war in the last few years before the Collapse.

A general war finally broke out in 1134, and ended in a narrow Lisarban victory in 1137. The starport was destroyed by a Deltrine air-raid in 1136, and the Lisarbans chose not to rebuild it. The world's rulers have shown cool feelings about approaching the Regency for assistance, preferring to rule in isolation rather than serving a polity whose policies might upend their control of Gila. The other powers have never really reconciled to Lisarba's rule, and these isolationist policies have enraged former nations like Deltrine and the Prairie League. Offworld Vargr interests, including a number of Pack factions, have contacted dissident elements in hopes of gaining influence.

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