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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X
Diameter: 4873 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense tainted by geyser and volcano ejecta
Surface Water: 35%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 8.79 Million Vargr
Government: Balkanised (dominated by a Technologically Elevated Dictator)
Law Level: 12
Tech Level: 3

Formerly known as Dofil. The world was first colonised by the Vargr during the Rule of Man period, and has remained unchallenged for its entire history. Enormous volcanic pressure is built into the planets dense mantle, which is relieved by extreme volcanic activity at several junctures of the planets surface. Most of the population lives in semi-mobile communities designed for easy dismantlement and relocation in the event that a volcanic eruption makes a current location untenable to live in. In antebellum times the world government was a bureaucratic outgrowth of academic groups that tracked seismic and volcanic activity, placing the population and its movements under their control. A Vampire Fleet slagged the plnetary capitol with a nuclear airburst in 1145, and the population has fragmented into feuding nations. The most powerful of these is a TED that has control of the former governments main armory and munitions plant; though the facility can no longer mass produce TL-5 materials, enough are stockpiled to give "king" Athuengun the power to bully his neighbors into tribute. Athuengun is opposed by another TED named Gaergh the Greedy, who has an alliance with a Vampire Fleet dating back over thirty years. To the common people, Gaergh is preferrable to Athuengun, but the former is subject to the whims of his allies, who only resupply his forces at sporadic intervals.

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