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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X
Diameter: 7875 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense with Low Oxygen (high partial pressure compensating)
Surface Water: 98%
Climate: Cool
Population: 88.65 Million
Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy
Law Level: 8
Tech Level: 7

The exact date of Tubb's settlement is unclear, but historical data and archaelogical data put it sometime before the founding of the Third Imperium. The Solomani descended population of the world is independent minded to the point of pain. Despite its precarious position on the border with the Vargr, Tubb had never fallen under the control or influence of any major faction or power within Tuglikki sector. It is unclear how the local government actually managed this feat, but rumors exist of extensive stockpiles of biological warfare weapons being developed by the planetary government. The world had long rebuffed the emissaries of the Third Imperium, and restricted commercial contact to its downport.

Most of the population lived in semi- submerged arcologies built in the shallows around the main archipelagoes. Despite its low O2 levels, the world is sufficiently rich to support human habitation. The government is a socialist system known locally as the "Leviathan", which formerly controlled nearly every aspect of daily life. Word of the Collapse caused the government to take advanced computer systems offline, and replace them with TL-7 systems of local manufacture, systems too dumb for effective Viral infection. Despite the world's apparent isolation, rumors persist that things are not what they seem, and that the government is involved in some strange and even disturbing activities.

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