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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X
Diameter: 4062 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard tainted with plant pollen/spores
Surface Water: 34%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 1.73 Million (688,000 Vargr)
Government: Charismatic Oligarchy (The Commontality Alliance)
Law Level: 8
Tech Level: 5

Gabrael is a hot, windy world carved by into deep chasms and canyons by erosion and seismic activity. The local plant pollens are microscopic in size with high amounts of silica in composition, and are extremely irritating to the mucus and breathing membranes of offworld life. In spite of the challenges of living here, its strategic location in the middle of the Millions Bisector, as the local J-1 route is known, made it an important trade center and meeting ground. Naasirka invested heavily into its infrastructure and industry, and it became a major manufacturer of electronics, robotic components and software for sale in Deneb Sector, or for export into nearby Vargr space.

Because of the trade it generated, Vargr began immigrating here in large numbers. Most of these were highly skilled technical workers who complemented the local human population very nicely. The good will generated between the two communities was genuine, and the world became famous in antebellum times for the high level of integration that developed between local Humanity and Vargr. The Vargr population became very Pro-Imperial, and became a source of soldiers and spacers that willingly volunteered to serve against the Corsairs that ravaged the region.

The Abandonment could not destroy this unity. A sizeable minority of the population did evacuate, but the majority either had too many personal or economic incentives, and were loath to abandon the hard-won accomplishments of their mixed-race community. Most of the world's automated industrial base was dismantled or destroyed in anticipation of Virus, and a shift to agriculture and self-sustaining industry was achieved with Regency assistance. The old represenative government has been supplanted by a council of Vargr-style charismatic strongmen elected on the basis of their effectiveness and leadership. A couple of Million's free trader collectives draw their personnel from Gabrael, and despite a lack of starport facilities, the world has extensive (for the Wilds) trade with neighboring worlds, particularly nearby Wyn (Deneb 2908). Wyn's starport isn't capable of maintaining Gabrael's starships, and vessels must journey to Gnaedzrrang (Deneb 3004) for maintenance. Because that world does not have sufficient tech level, Gabraelian crews salvage needed spare parts from the old naval base at Taproban (Deneb 3008), and buy access to the yards with useful salvage. Gabraelian merchants and skilled workers are present on several nearby worlds in the Bisector, and constitute most of Million's middle class.

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