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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class D
Diameter: 5088 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin tainted by fungal spores
Surface Water: 58%
Climate: Chilly
Population: 34,900 (28,300 Vargr)
Government: Totalitarian Oligarchy
Law Level: 10
Tech Level: 4

Most of Wyn's human population fled the world during the Vargr raids of the 1120s. Vargr squatters seized most of the now undefended settlements during the early days of the Abandonment, and fighting erupted between factions. The local fungus taint is lethal to Terran based life, and thousands of Vargr perished before one faction prevailed in the fighting for control of the world's filter mask production. That faction, called the Zaekueto, uses the distribution of filter masks and life support to control the entire population. The elite own all property. Food and medical care are distributed according to their whim and the tender mercies of their Ofaroe police. The surviving human population, and a good portion of the Vargr, are enslaved directly by the Zaekueto, and work menial or dangerous jobs.

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