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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C
Diameter: 2884 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 31%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 323,000 Vargr
Government: Balkanised (Dominated by the Dictator Ka Unggaksaeg)
Law Level: 6
Tech Level: 7 (starport), 3 (world)

Formerly known as Oluk Dzas. This world was an important trade nexus in antebellum times. Virus destroyed its main starport and knocked the world all the way down to TL 3. Despite having the best starport in the subsector, the locals do not have the skills or the resources to maintain it. Therefore the locals have ceded the facility to a coalition of offworld traders and skilled workers who maintain the facility to provide badly needed maintenance for the subsectors surviving trade ships. The old extrality zone is the border of this autonomous region, and is patrolled by mercenary soldiers. The majority of the council that oversees the facility are from Gabrael, which provides most of the funding and offworld spare parts. The local Vargr are divided between several local warlords, and are generally too poorly armed and organised to seriously threaten the starport; nevertheless the council usually pays a small tribute in the form of precious metals and useful salvage.

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