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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class X
Diameter: 5782 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin
Surface Water: 57%
Climate: Chilly
Population: 58.67 Million
Government: Balkanised (Dominated by the Melva Federation, a charismatic oligarchy)
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 6

Atsah formerly had been the capitol of Atsah Subsector under Imperial administration. The world was an important trade and manufacturing center, and boasted of a high standard of living. Its prosperity became a casualty of the Vargr invasion of Corridor, which severed its trade links, and of Vargr raiding in the 1120s. The world was ceded by the Domain of Deneb, and it became a part of the DMZ created in Atsah with the Federation of Dzaargh. Atsah's population has always been fascinated with politics, particularly political intrigue. In the wake of its double Abandonment, first to the Vargr, and then Virus, its political elites have become masters of survival.

The world splintered into several factions after the Collapse, generally city-states seperated by vast regions of wilderness. Trade caravans of trucks and huge land trains connect these polities, bringing much needed goods and commodities. The masters of these caravans are the primary rulers of each city-state, and the economic struggles usually form the basis of all politics on the world. While the world is nominally balkanised, the worlds rulers usually meet every two years at the former capitol city of Melva to elect one of their number as the world's main ruler. This process is accompanied by much political jockeying, and sometimes sporadic skirmishing and strongarm politics. The social system is divided into extended family/clan systems that dominate entire neighborhoods. Trade and politics are the two most esteemed professions, every other worker on the world is subordinated to the clans that control these arenas. Intrigue permeates every corner of the world, and the average citizen keeps careful track of their relative status and safety in all social contexts.

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