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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class D
Diameter: 5493 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin contaminated with "jungle rot"
Surface Water: 37%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 717.45 Million
Government: Charismatic Dictator (Rajah of Musayid)
Law Level: 14
Tech Level: 6

Musayid is a humid world with violent weather patterns. Evaporation rapidly cycles water from the surface into the atmosphere, until the carrying capacity of the thin air is exceeded and the moisture is release into huge downpours. This turns an otherwise arid world into a steaming jungle and rain forest. Colonisation came around 350, mostly Solomani humans of East Indian and South Asian descent. Over the intervening centuries, these divided into small, isolated groups that scratched out a living from upland agriculture and herding. "Tribal" warfare was endemic, with each community sending out militias skilled in tracking and ambush. Eventually this warfare became as much a ritual of existence as a necessary means of survival.

At the top of this melee emerged leaders that called themselves "Rajah" and who spent their time playing the tribes off against one another, and extorting money from offworld merchants in the form of high tariffs. They encouraged the isolation of their world, keeping the interior tribes in a state of isolation and primitive development. Some Rajahs were not above seizing entire ships and their crews, and forcing their captives, or their relatives and companies, to pay massive ransoms. Corporate emissaries and contact teams had a bad habit of being kidnapped or disappearing, and mercs were often sent in to rescue them.

In 898 a certain Cantor Sullashi, a political adventurer from Core, arrived here at the head of his own mercenary force, many of whom were veterans of previous campaigns against the Rajah. Exceeding the Imperial Rules of War a bit, Sullashi cowed the Rajah into surrender after pointing the weapons of his ships at the poor fellow's palace. Despite his meager previous qualifications and lack of official Imperial recognition, Sullashi quickly consolidated his control over the world, and ended most of the previous Rajah's tyrannical practices. He and his heirs gradually won over the scattered and isolated nations through careful diplomacy, and ended the fratricidal wars encouraged by the old regime. Through freer trade and the end of the wars, the local standard of living has steadily grown ever since.

Respecting the traditions and culture of their subjects, the Sullashis prohibit offworld contact beyond the downport. Offworld traders had to have special permission and vetting from the Rajah or his senior officials before they were permitted to trade beyond the extrality zone. The Representational Reforms ended this practice, but exclusionary rules are still in effect for most of the world. Normal noncommercial contact is freely permitted, though the planetary government will not guarantee the safety of private individuals travelling without escort in the interior.

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