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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class D
Diameter: 10,491 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense Ammonia and Nitrogen
Surface Water: 64% Ammonia "Seas"
Climate: Very Cold
Population: 7360
Government: None
Law Level: None
Tech Level: 7

Umiikam's deadly atmosphere has never permitted any long term settlement. Some Vilani belters first came here early in the Imperial period, but left after playing out the local mines. The current community is a breakaway faction from the libertarian/anarchist sect on nearby Vanzeti. They have lived on the world since the Fourth Frontier War, and survive by dint of their well designed shelters. Ammonia loving bacteria convert and neutralise any outside gas that leaks into their settlements into non-lethal byproducts. Food is raised locally in sealed greenhouses, fertilised by ammonia nitrates obtained from the air, and waste and CO2 from local sewage. The locals are friendly to offworld traders, but dislike too much intrusion and require that visitors remain confined to the starport.

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