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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C, Regency Scout Base
Diameter: 5334 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin "tainted" by low humidity
Surface Water: 100% water and ice
Climate: Cold
Population: 635,000
Government: Oligarchy
Law Level: 1
Tech Level: 12

Vanzeti is an oddball. The world's continental crust never developed, and most of the original atmosphere leaked into space. Freezing temperatures at night dessicate the atmosphere of moisture, making it difficult to breathe with normal respirators. The world ocean is lifeless, and is black colored due to low oxygen levels. In spite of its unattractiveness, a scout base was constructed here in 1042 for coordinated training operations with the facility on nearby Cabrini. A strange sect known colloquially as the Googles, espousing a mixture of libertarian and anarchist practices, migrated here from Thingen in 1088. The group settled in a number of seafloor domed cities, but the life support upkeep of these settlements caused power to concentrate in the hands of factions that controlled power generation and support plants, marring its utopian pretensions.

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