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Ara Pacis

by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A
Diameter: 2649 Miles
Atmosphere: Very Thin
Surface Water: 69%
Climate: Hot
Population: 15.19 Million
Government: Balkanised (9 corporate enclaves)
Law Level: 8
Tech Level: 13

Ara Pacis was originally settled by a group of mining companies to take advantage of the local titanium deposits. As trade grew between Deneb and the expanding Spinward Marches, this overtook the income from the mines, and the world is now primarily a banking and service center for commerce moving down the Midway into Rhylanor. Corporate infighting can be rather vicious, as the companies here are soverign states, and can wage war and diplomacy as they see fit. Sternmetal, General Products and SuSAG all have major enclaves here, and "cold wars" limiting contact between them were common during the Antebellum period. Regency law prohibits the more violent kinds of corporate aggression, and Ara Pacis has become more peaceful. Intrigue and espionage waged by each corporate faction are still quite common, and the locals are witness to many defections and occasional assassinations.

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