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Marnie's World

by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Regency Naval Base
Diameter: 9869 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense with high levels of CO2
Surface Water: 100%
Climate: Tropical
Population: 6880
Government: Participatory Democracy
Law Level: 4
Tech Level: 14

The local population is mostly employed in terraforming operations. The local CO2 levels are too high for the comfort of most sentients, and algae, atmospheric scrubbers, and sequestration devices are slowly reducing it to comfortable levels. The colonists hope to open their world to greater settlement and development by 1250, but have to create some measure of dry land to accomodate a larger downport. The colonists themselves live either at the highport, or on floating platforms that tend to the terraformation processes.

The Regency navy base is the headquarters for the 55th Fleet, and is a massive, sprawling orbital facility in its own right. Naval units use the world as a primary refueling source, and large areas are reserved for their exclusive use. Relations between the Navy and the local civilian population have been strained over usage of these areas. The Navy has even been sued in Regency courts over its reneging on a deal negotiated in Norris' time that agreed to open more than two-thirds of the world to settlement in return for a perpetual naval presence. This litigation is ongoing.

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