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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class C, Ancient Site
Diameter: 7900 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense with exotic mixture of noble gases
Surface Water: 69%
Climate: Warm
Population: 643,000
Government: Oligarchy
Law Level: 5
Tech Level: 10

Amritsar is a rocky, volcanic world. Its continents are dominated by huge Andean sized mountain ranges, most of them volcanically active. The degree of surface relief is incredible, with few elevations existing between sea level and about 1000 meters (3280 feet). Since early in its history, these mountains, and the diverse ecosystems they shelter, have been a source for major offworld tourism. Eco-resorts, and a plethora of alpine and cold-weather activities draw tens of millions of sophonts from nearby high population worlds, people intent upon recreation after toiling in the factories and offices of Liiri or Thingen.

The world is also the sight of a major Ancient site. Amatuer explorers stumbled across the site, buried under an avalanche of rubble, in 818. The find was publicised before IISS and the subsector government could interdict the site, and it has been public knowledge ever since. Unlike Dhapura, Amritsar was inhabited by the Ancients at the time of the Final War, and the site was severely damaged by planetary bombardment. It was located in a deep river gorge, having been cored out of the canyon walls. Bombardment destroyed a nearby mountain, and the resulting slide covered up the devastated base, and blocked the valley. The site has been less remarkable than most, but it has presented a few mysteries as well, including the presence of strange crystalline obelisks made of unknown material and function. Large areas of the site are offlimits to the public, which is confined to a touring area operated by the RISS and the planetary tourism council, and guided tours can watch areas under excavation, visit the musuem, or patronise the gift shop.

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